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The entertainment industry is one of the most financially rewarding industries in the world. Not only does it have the power to boost the amount of money you earn, but it has also been known to open up multiple other avenues for growth.

People are always looking for their next form of entertainment, whether that be through books, movies, music, video games or even television shows. The entertainment industry is a multi-million dollar phenomenon.  

This article has been designed to provide you with the best ten business ideas that will see your bank balance grow as fast as the entertainment industry itself. So, let's begin:

1) Music Production & Promotion Business

The music industry is a multi-billion dollar business. It makes its money by selling albums, t-shirts, tickets to live performances and much more. By promoting your favorite artist you can make a lot of money.

2) Music Distribution Business

Distributing music to different stores that sell it on their own is one of the most profitable businesses in the entertainment industry. This means that you will take care of all aspects of the music distribution process from manufacturer/retailer relations to credit collection and marketing activities.

3) Gaming Company

You can start creating video games or be part of an already existing gaming company. What's great about this particular business model is how it has been able to spawn multiple genres of games that draw in millions of people.

4) Live Events Business

This type of business is ideal for anyone with creative business acumen. Through the use of digital marketing, social networking and other activities you can create more awareness about your events and how to purchase tickets for them.

5) GiFT (Game Investment & Trading) Community Business

If you enjoy playing video games then this is the perfect business idea for you! All you have to do is install a game buying application on your computer which allows you to participate in different types of investments. The more money you invest into the game industry, the more gifted items or accessories etc will be unlocked within that particular game. You would also be able to trade these items.

6) Recording Studio Business

If you have a studio, whether it's in your own home or not, you can start recording music for different artists and selling them the rights to use them. You could also be selling marketing rights so that they can sell their records in various locations with your permission.

7) Talent Management Company

This is company that will assist talent by working on their public relations campaigns for movies, television shows etc. They will help promote them through networks such as facebook, twitter and other social media outlets that are used within the entertainment industry.

8) Film Production Company

Every movie-lover dreams of being part of a film production company. This business is suitable for anyone who has the skills to create their very own film and distribute it to various cinemas around the world.

9) Internet Business

There are multiple ways in which you can generate money through an internet business, one of which would be through an online version of your favorite game where users can play with each other all over the world. Another would be to sell adverts within websites that you build yourself. The sky really is the limit when it comes to making money online!

10) Theme Park/Amusement Park Business

Attractions such as theme parks or amusement parks make a lot of money. They usually charge people an entrance fee along with charging them to go on rides. You can work directly for these places or even open your own theme park!

11) Movie Theater/Cinema Business

Creating your own movie theater is a great way to make money. This is especially true when you consider that there are millions of people who would be more than willing to watch movies at your place rather than spending their time and money at the local cinema.

12) Art Gallery Business

If you're interested in selling art then this could be the business for you! From expensive paintings to even creating jewelry out of different cultural objects, like beads or stones. You will need some starting capital in order to get set up but once it's done then this type of business does tend to make a lot of money.

13) Music Recording Studio Business

If you love to sing, play an instrument or write your own songs then owning a music recording studio could be the business for you. This is especially true if you're able to get in touch with famous artists and give them great sounding music tracks.

14) Public Speaking/Motivational Speaking Business

Do you have an inspirational story? Are you willing to share it with other people so that they can realize their potential too? Then this could be the business idea for you! All you need to do is contact different public speaking companies and see whether they would like your services, once they see how motivated your audience becomes from hearing from someone who has been through similar struggles then you should have no problem when it comes to securing gigs.

15) T-Shirt Printing Business

This is a great way to turn your favorite design into something that will generate serious business for you! All you need to do is get in touch with local printing companies and see whether they would be interested in your work, if they like what they see then they might even offer you a partnership of some sort which could help earn you extra cash on the side and increase your profits dramatically!

16) Karaoke Bar/Music Bar Business

Running your own karaoke bar or music bar business can be incredibly rewarding. However, it does require a lot of hard work and dedication because the entertainment industry tends to be one of the most competitive industries that you can possibly get involved in. If this is something that you're willing to do then it's not impossible for an amateur singer or musician to become successful!

17) Sports Team Business

Are you interested in sports? Do you play your favorite sport when you have time off from work? Then perhaps running your own sports team could be the business idea for you! You could either manage existing teams or even create your very own athletics club where people pay membership fees. The sky really is the limit when it comes to making money with a sports team business.

18) Comedy Club/Comedy Venue Business

Many comedy fans would love nothing more than if they could see their favorite comedians live in action. If you're interested in this idea then it might be worth earning your stripes in the industry by working for no money at all! Then once you've gained some experience and contacts within the business then you could open up your very own comedy club or even talk local venues into hosting any upcoming comedians that are coming through town.

19) Tattoo Parlor Business

This is another type of business which requires a lot of research when it comes to finding out what kind of ink works best, what equipment is required and how much does everything cost? However, when it comes down to it most tattoo artist's salaries tend to start off around $40 000 per year on average. And if work conditions are favorable then that figure can easily be doubled or tripled!

20) Psychic Reading Business

This is an incredibly competitive market but if you're interested in getting into it then simply start by offering psychic readings over the phone where you only get paid when someone books an appointment. Then once you've got your foot in the door and proven yourself to be reliable then perhaps move onto working with people face-to-face, after all; it's preferable for customers to get a reading from someone who they feel comfortable around.

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